Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Adam Lambert, where are you??

For months and months none of my favourite artists have released anything new. (Not counting an excellent single from Maroon 5 with Gym Class Heroes.)
Spring has arrived nonetheless, and so I am now in desperate need of New Music to stuff my iPod with and listen to while running! I run all year round, but crank it up a notch when it gets warm and bright, for obvious reasons. (I need to lose a little winter-weight, of course!) 

The lack of good music, though, is depressing!!! I have spent hours (I am not exaggerating! It really has been hours!) on iTunes and youtube, listening for something runnable, but to no avail. Everything sounds like Usher. Can't take it.

And so, Adam. Let's speak seriously. This cannot go on. You promised us a new album for spring 2012. It IS spring 2012! Bring it on!! Out with it!! Give it to us!!

Also valid for Scissor Sisters, Linkin Park, Justice, Maroon 5, My Chemical Romance and anyone else feeling capable of miracles, even minor ones.

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